Expedition #4 - Ridgelines & Coastlines Sampler Cohort

Words & Photos from Jimmy F.

Our fourth Expedition kicked off super fun right away. We started off putting up tents and learning skills related to camping that we will be using during our pursuit trip at the end of the year. This lead us to start planning our trip including things like costs of each activity as well as location and food. After this we went back outside and started to make food using only a few ingredients. I guess my groups’ food must have been really not great (The look on Mr. Anderson’s face said it all).

After this we had our lunch break and then headed off to Crystal pool to learn kayak skills . In this we learned how to go upside down underwater and get out etc. These rolling skills will be required when we make the transition to the real water situations in the spring! It was a very exciting day in the cohort and I look forward to building our skills through the rest of the year.