Expedition #4 - Fashion Design & Industry Cohort

Words & Photos from Sage A.

The Fashion Design and Industry cohort was very excited to gather again to continue working on our design projects. Each student in the cohort has been building up their skills and designing and sewing their own unique piece of clothing- we even got to choose our own fabrics!

During Expedition four, our cohort was very lucky to be able to work with Rosemary Abram, who we welcomed in from a local college. She is truly an expert, and each one of us were allowed some time with her to share ideas and get some assistance with our clothing designs. Once Rosemary delivered some instruction, we were able to experiment with what we learned on our own pieces. I really valued this part of the day, as I enjoy getting fully into my own project. We are building up our skills through the year, and will leave with an ability to design and make our own clothes…very cool!