Expedition #4- Giddy Up! Leadership Through Ranching Cohort

Words & Photos from Scott R. & Julia

The Giddy Up! Leadership Through Ranching group took a day off of the ranching and decided to spend more time focusing on the Leadership part of the cohort with a couple different options for the group. We started the day at Crag X climbing gym where we worked closely with each other while learning how to belay each other. This activity taught us the importance of interpersonal communication and building relationships with each other. We engaged in some activities to practice safety and effective communication in the large group, before separating to practice in pairs. This was a highlight for the cohort, as learning leadership practices through sport was something that was new for the group.

In the afternoon we went to UVic to meet with professors on the topic of leadership. Our first activity was with partners, listening to each other. The activity was designed to teach us the importance of listening in leadership and to remind us of the important role “followership” plays in leadership. The rest of the day was spent discussing the different types of leadership: transactional versus transformational. Transactional focuses on exchange and people always asking “what’s in it for me?” the transformational style of leadership focuses on change where a leader really inspires people to make sacrifices for the greater good. Overall, we learned a lot about leadership on the day and we were all very inspired. We look forward to continuing to build up our leadership practices through the spring!