Expedition #5- One Wild & Precious Life: Creative Writing & Visual Art

Words & Photos - Ariel Khoo

Today we took a 40 minute bus ride down to Metchosin - a beautiful countryside-looking area away from the city. Our group spent the morning soaking in the golden sun on a terrace, tanning and chatting away happily as we engaged in our first activity: drawing outlines of nature around us while experimenting with the various types of markers we were provided with. We then cut up the drawings and rearranged them into an abstract collage on a larger piece of paper, incorporating a drawing of our shoe to make our mark on the artwork.

After a relaxing lunch break in the sunshine, we headed indoors to start the writing component of the day. Mr Dewar brought a stack of old magazines with him, which we used to pick out random words and phrases, before piecing them together and creating a set of completely new lines. By the end of the afternoon, we had our own paragraphs/mini poems crafted using our findings from the magazines, unique abstract drawings, as well as newly acquired tans/burns!