Expedition #5 - School Grounds Coffee Company

Words & Photos from Jessica C.

As the pursuit trip is approaching, School Grounds Coffee was getting ready to launch our business into SMUS community. On this Expedition day, we divided into three teams: the marketing team, the baking team, and the production team. The goals of the Marketing team were to determine the price of each product we are going to sell, create an Instagram account for online advertising, and prepare the materials in assembly to publicize our business. On the other side, the baking team decided to make donuts and enjoyed our new deep fryer. Lastly, the producing team roasted amazing coffee beans and packed them into new packages.

At the end of the day, our production was very successful and exciting. A logo design has been finalized, an Instagram account has been created, and a slide for the presentation in the assembly were done by the marketing team. They also drew and put up posters for the selling station that we carried out at the end of the day. The baking team baked 75 delicious donuts which later on sold out in 20 minutes. The producing team brought in their production of light, dark roasted and French dark coffee beans that were well packaged, which also sold out by the end of the day. Our Instagram account has more than a hundred followers. Overall, our first day of business looked pretty successful and we had lots of fun.