Expedition #5- Yoga, Pilates & Mindfulness Cohort

Words & Photos from Grace M.

Todays Expedition day was filled with new learning opportunities, reflection, and fun. The day started with learning how to cook and mindfulness. But first we all had a discussion about our relationship with food and our reasons for picking this cohort. I personally feel opening up myself and listening to my peers open up about themselves helped us bond and get to know each other better. We made a very delicious homemade lunch of quinoa with spinach salad, a stir fry type dish, and hummus. I learned a lot about food and how to trust my instinct when taste testing, cutting vegetables properly, and had fun while doing it. We also talked about how cooking is actually a form of meditation. Cooking requires you to think only in the present moment and to focus. Overall the morning was a ton of fun.

After lunch, we went downtown to Amethyst Dance and Fitness to take a aerial yoga class. I was very excited to try this type of yoga because I had never before. I really enjoyed the class, but I learned how incredibly inflexible I am. But trying new poses and watching everyone attempt to go upside down was very entertaining. We finished with stretching and savasana. I left class feeling very calm and relaxed, and Iā€™m sure everyone else felt the same. I think this expedition day was one of my favourites because I got to open up and learn more about my peers and I also got to try a fun new type of yoga!