Expedition # 5- Sport Analytics Cohort

Words & Photos - Liam E.

The Sports Analytic cohort had another exciting Expedition Day, We started it off by learning about wearable tech that pro athletes use to train and analyze performances. We did this with Strength and Conditioning coach for Rugby Canada Mike Deasy. With the wearable technology we were able to analyze multiple statistics about our speed, power, explosiveness and endurance. We measured these statistics by playing a couple games to get us warm and running 40 yard dashes. Shoutout to Theo Young for getting the highest max speed during the session!

After Collecting the data we compared it with each other and pro athletes and discussed how this data could be useful in professional sports. After lunch we got a lesson on multiple advanced techniques for Microsoft Excel by Mr. Takel to create interactive diagrams for teams and athletes to use for their best advantages. The lesson will help the boys greatly for our final project during the pursuit week where we will analyze game tape, mark the statistics and make infographics to help create an advantage for SMUS coaches and athletes.