Expedition #5 - Music Writing & Production

Words & Photos - Caroline Luo

The May 6th Expedition was a very fun and creative day! For the first hour, we were asked to come up with some little loops for the main chords of the entire songwriting sessions. My friend Lucy and I brainstormed and came up with quite a few pretty loops. I was amazed by Rick’s beautiful E flat major tunes and so was Devon. As a result, we decided to work as a group to come up with some lyrics and some other parts of the song such as pre-chorus, chorus, and bridge. All three groups came up with some catchy melodies and lyrics. We had a very productive morning.

After lunch, we had our special guest Justin, who worked with us in the studio last time to teach us how to use the music production DAW called Logic Pro X. Logic Pro X is such a useful tool when it comes to music production. It’s easy to get started because it doesn’t require much musical knowledge. Then he helped us record our original songs for each group. I love each one of the song that was created! Afterwards, we discussed about our plans for the experiential week. We can’t wait to have the opportunity to work in a real studio and to have our own songs produced!