Expedition # 5 - Fashion Design & Industry

Words & Photos- Emma S.

The Fashion and Industry cohort was very cool and super helpful on our fourth expedition day. We started the day by completing our projects from our last expedition days. After we prepared our sewing machines, we went to fabric Island to choose our fabric for our end projects. 

After everyone got their fabric and some nice accessories for the projects, we went back to school and started sharing our ideas with our teachers. Some of our group members started to cut their fabric for their new clothes while the rest of our group finished their last project. You could see a smile on everyone’s faces when we began sewing. We also talked a lot about our expedition week, and everyone was very excited. We planned what we were going to do and how we were going to do it. At the end of our class, we watched three videos and learned how we can help save our environment by reducing the production of clothes, resulting in less waste