Expedition #4 - Student-Athlete Experience Cohort

Words & Photos from Eddie K & Ethan B.

The Varsity Athlete Experiential cohort spent the day at UVIC, first meeting a few students currently attending the university. We had the opportunity to ask the group questions, regarding their life at UVIC, and their transition from high school to university.

We then got to tour the entire campus, moving in and out of the different buildings and classrooms, including the library and residence buildings for students living on campus. We were shown the most recently built apartments. Then, we came back to the main hub and interviewed 3 SMUS graduates, who are all involved with varsity athletics at the university. This was particularly exciting as we got to ask them questions about school/sport balance, training schedules, and what they were enjoying most about their time as a university athlete. It was great to hear about their path from SMUS to UVic varsity sports.

To end the day off, we headed to UVIC Carsa, the newly built athletics center to get a good workout in, with a personal instructor who works with all of the UVIC varisty teams. We were given some instruction on basic lifts, and then walked through and introduction to strength training program that we could take and use on our own. It was an incredible day, and we look forward to the opportunity to come together as a group in the spring.