Expedition #4 - Yoga, Mindfulness & Pilates

Words & Photos from Julie R.

For our 4th Expedition we learnt about pilates and where it came from as well as explore our own posture. We started our day off in the Wenman pavilion and learned about the history of pilates. We heard about how a man named names Joseph Pilates developed this system of exercises which are intended to strengthen the human mind and body. Some of the first people that learnt this method were soldiers post WW2 and dancer. Yes, it sounds like a very strange mix but pilates helps a lot with posture which was really interesting to learn about.

Following our learning about the history and theory of pilates, we did a posture analysis to see how we could modify our posture in a more ideal healthier way. After our morning of learning new things, we took a bus to studio fitness to do some pilates! We went into more depth on how it is important to exercise and strengthen our core to improve posture. We sampled various pilates moves both individually and in partners. We were also very fortunate that studio fitness was the only place in canada with bungee pilates. It was super fun and everyone was actively engaged in learning this new training style.

We have really built up our skills through the year, and have now had the opportunity to be exposed to a range of training practices. We look forward to coming together again in the spring, where we will begin our level 1 yoga certification.