Expedition #2 - Yoga, Pilates & Mindfulness

Words & Photos from Firenne R.

Our second expedition day was a great success.  Last time we had talked about wanting to learn various poses so we began the day by splitting into groups. In these groups, we got a series of poses that we learned how to do. After each group was comfortable with their poses we each took turns teaching each other the various poses. This was really fun. Next, Mr. Baer came and using an app we did a guided meditation where we imagined being on a beach on vacation. It was very peaceful. I find it difficult to meditate because my mind wanders but this was nice because it was short and there were different visualizations to focus on. We then headed to Found City Yoga for a hot Bikram yoga class. A few of us, including myself, were slightly nervous for hot yoga because we were worried about the heat. None of us had ever done hot yoga so we didn’t know what to expect except for what we knew from what Ms. Rosts told us. It ended up being a great experience with all of us leaving feeling very refreshed, relaxed and incredibly sweaty. After lunch, we did our second yoga class, acro yoga. In this yoga practice, you work with a partner to do poses. This was incredibly fun! Our instructor would demonstrate the different poses and every time we would doubt that we would be able to do them. However, we were all quite successful. My biggest challenge was getting over my mindset. It was hard to trust your partner and let go of control, trusting that the pose will work (because it will). We all had a lot of fun and lots of laughs. We ended the day with some reflection with Mr. Baer.