Expedition #2- Bees & Peas Please!

Words and Photos from Maria E. - Bees & Peas Cohort

We started our Buzzing day at the Winslow and Barnacle common room in time for tea. We had a new member in our gang, Sidney Badger, a chef that taught us some cooking skills and guided us through the meal we prepared for lunch. While enjoying our cup of tea sweetened with honey, we talked about our itinerary for the day, our goal of having our own beehive and ingredients that we liked and dislike. Then, it was time to get started! We gathered around the kitchen table and learned some chopping skills, how to cook with seasonal ingredients, caramelization point and how to taste food to balance the flavors. Soon, everybody had a task to complete. Our menu was baked honey-rosemary Acorn Squash filled with sausage scramble, warm salad with lemon garlic salad dressing and some macaron energy balls to have later for snacks. We enjoyed it very much, even when we were crying while cutting the onions.

The food was delicious, and the good company made it even better. While enjoying our meal we discussed many topics such as superfoods and organic food. We concluded saying that at the end what matters is knowing where our food comes from.

After a break, we met at the Crothal buzz (bus) stop to visit Darrin’s garden and beehives on the corner of Freeman & Veteran. He talked about the bee’s life stages, the different types of honey they produce and the amazing fact that a queen bee produces 10 000 eggs in a week!!! (I know, unbeelievable ) Beekeepers are guiding and heavily manipulating one of the most complex societies on earth. Darrin used a gas to calm the bees and then opened a hive for us, it was astonishing.

Afterward, we returned to SMUS to make some crafts, we made beeswax candles and reusable food wraps, and with some good music playing, we had a great expedition day.