Expedition #2 - Writing & Visual Art: One Wild & Precious Life

Words & Media from Inez S. - Writing & Visual Art Cohort

Returning back to our local artist Michelle’s personal art studio, who recently got married (congratulations!), we began today’s long-awaited cohort session with a quick warm-up activity. Three different songs written by unique individuals were played and we were tasked to describe a scenery we thought of in our head and describe it using our five senses. After a brief discussion of our ideas, we went on to practicing our hand-eye coordination by taking turns in posing and drawing one another.

Many of us became a lot more deformed then we actually appear to be which led to a series of light-hearted laughs and giggles. Next, moving on the the art aspect of our cohort, we copied our deformed drawings onto a canvas and began to paint layers and layers of different tones colors on top. At first it didn’t start up well for some, but after constant reminders from our teacher to not get attached to our piece, we eventually made it towards a stage in our art where all of us were satisfied. As a small break and reward for accomplishment, each of us ate and snacked on soft brownies and chewy chocolate chip cookies brought by Mr. Dewar and Ms. Macdonald while Michelle served us with warm refreshing tea.

Moving on to our next writing prompt, we wrote nouns and verbs that described the knives and were tasked to write a short narrative using those words we thought of. To end the day, we finished up by taking turns in commenting on what we feel or see in each others’ pieces. Sadly, due to lack of time, we were unable to share the comments we received from each other but all of us look forward to having that opportunity to share in our next session after winter break.