Expedition #2- Giddy Up! Leadership Through Ranching Cohort

Words & Photos from Elle N. - Giddy Up! Cohort

This week the Giddy Up! Leadership through Ranching cohort made even more progress at Ambleside Farms. The day started out bright and early with a long bus ride to the stables. After our arrival we were separated into two groups, and began our assigned tasks. Once again, the first group began with riding and the second group went ahead with horse care. While cleaning the horse, we practiced readying them for shows by trying out various grooming techniques. As well as attempting the painstakingly meticulous show braids.

We also tackled polo wraps (wraps around the horses’ legs), which were surprisingly difficult to get just right. When it was finally time to ride we practiced tacking the horses again, as well as all of the skills from our previous lesson. This included walking with and without a line and the posting trot. Once we felt comfortable enough with our abilities the instructors encouraged us to try balancing on the horse with no hands while trotting, and some of the more advanced riders even tried the different jumps. It’s safe to say that everyone made significant progress and that all of us are starting to become more confident around the horses. Whether we gained it by physically riding them, or by merely being in their presence. It is also evident that as our confidence grows, so does the horse’s inclination to listen to us, therefore improving our skills and techniques.

Time flew by very quickly and before we knew it, it was time for us to clean up and go home. I look forward to our next expedition and am confident that we will all continue to grow in both skill and self-confidence as the year goes on.