Expedition #2- Fashion Design & Industry Cohort

Words & Photos from Sienna P. - Fashion Design & Industry Cohort

This week in the Fashion Design and Industry cohort, we went in search of patterns and fabric to start to create our own clothing. After a brief debrief in the Bolton-Timmis Common Room where we found out our measurements and sizes, we all headed onto a bus to go to FabricLand. Once there we looked through pattern books to try and find an article of clothing that we wanted to try to recreate. Once we had found out a pattern we wanted to make, we all spread out across the store to look for fabric that we liked. As easy as this may sound, it was in fact, a very difficult task. With such a large store, we spent the majority of our day wandering through the store finding our fabrics, zippers, threads, and cutting out the amount that we needed. Once we were all satisfied with our choices we headed back to the school and after a lunch period, got to cutting out our patterns, and pinning them to our fabrics. The idea of cutting out pieces of paper, and then pinning them to a fabric may not seem hard until you look and see that the paper bears a striking resemblance to tissue paper, and that certain pieces need to be pinned in certain, complicated, ways. Luckily, we had music to make the time pass, and lift our spirits. By the time that most of us were working on our pinning, we realized that it was time to pack up and call it a day. I'm sure that all of us are eagerly awaiting our next session to start sewing our projects and trying them on!