Expedition #1 - Service & Philanthropy: Time, Talent and Money

Words and Photos from Laurie P. - Service & Philanthropy cohort

The Time, Talent and Money cohort is  exploring the ways we can give to our community and help others. For our first expedition day we went to two places to volunteer. The morning was spent at the Cridge Centre for the Family, where Paula welcomed us and we divided up into the different classrooms. We worked with kids from 9 months old to 4 years old and spent the time reading with them, playing outside and inside, helping to keep them happy and having fun! In the afternoon we headed to Highgate Lodge, a local seniors' home. There we met with a group of residents and made some crafts, cards and decorations for Halloween. They were so keen to visit and spend time with us. For our next expedition day, we will choose some other places to visit and volunteer. 

Words from Akhil P.

Day one of cohorts for “Time, Talent, and Money” focused on caring for people, specifically young children and seniors. In the morning we visited the Cridge Centre for Child Care, where we were placed in classrooms and we played with the kids. The kids had designated outdoor time where they did some activities with PISE (Pacific Institute of Sports Education) and enjoyed the outdoors. The children I was with (5-6 years old) were a joy to play with, and shared some of the same interests I had when I was their age, like playing with Thomas the tank engine trains and other educational toys.

In the afternoon we spent some time at highgate lodge, a seniors residence, where we made cards. We sat with the seniors and helped them make halloween, Christmas, birthday, and other assorted cards for their loved ones. David and I worked on a happy wishes card, to celebrate the monthly birthdays for November. The seniors were a blast to work with and I had a great time talking to them about what it was like living wherever they lived and the differences in culture.