service & philanthropy:
time, talent & Money

This cohort will work with local partnerships to look at issues relating to our marginalized populations, as well, we will do work broader in scope, making connections with larger organizations to explore issues in our global community.  The cohort interest will drive what areas we go deep into, and ultimately this will lead to an action-based pursuit where we will try to effect change- either in our local community or beyond. If you have an interest in philanthropy and service and would like to work in depth with people in this field, this cohort is for you.

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The year starts off with the cohort visiting local community outreach initiatives ranging from the Cridge Centre for the Family to Our Place, an organization focused on feeding the homeless population on Victoria’s streets. With a visit to the Victoria Foundation, the cohort begins to focus their initiatives, identifying which sustainable development goals (as outlined by the Victoria Foundation in their 2018 annual checkup magazine “Vital Signs”) they would like to support further. Each expedition day will build off of these goals and will culminate in their year end pursuit trip.



In past years the cohort has traveled to Vancouver and Seattle to visit with specific organizations that are looking at Philanthropy on a global scale. These involved the Vancouver Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Each year this plan can change based on the cohorts focused goals. This year’s cohort has chosen to focus on Sustainable Communities and Zero Hungry as their goals so their pursuit trip will be built around these initiatives.

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The leaders of this cohort, Jenn Bateman, Laurie Parker and Kevin Cook all have strong roots in the field of service and volunteer work. Kevin and Laurie are the master minds behind the Service initiatives at the senior school. Three years ago Laurie helped to launch the Volunteer Club which has grown over the years to now include nearly 50 students. Kevin is the Director of Community Engagement and Global Expeditions, helping to involve our students with service initiatives on a local scale as well as citizens of the global community.


An important element of the Experiential program is building strong relationships with local community members and businesses.
See links to those resources, businesses and community members below.

The Cridge Centre for the Family

Our Place Society

Victoria Foundation

“Today, we went to the Victoria Foundation, a non-profit organization in Victoria. We learned about the organization itself, especially on the ‘Vital youth’ fund. This is a fund that will grant selected student groups a total of $2,500. We can then decide where to donate it.”
- from
Expedition Day #2 blog post by Daniel C.

Pacifica Housing

“We started off today’s expedition by meeting with Pacifica Housing, a non-profit organization that provides affordable homes to those who need it the most. We learned about their Streets to Homes program,”
- from
Expedition Day #3 Blog post by Lucas S.

Mustard Seed

“This day was a wonderful way to get to know the community and the sort of service projects happening in this beautiful city. Overall, it was a fantastic day filled with laughs and even better service!“
- from
Expedition Day #3 Blog post by Lucas S.