Expedition #1- Fashion Design & Industry

Words and Photos from Dasha T. - Fashion Design & Industry cohort

In Fashion Design & Industry, everyone was looking forward to what we might learn on our first expedition day in the Pacific Design Academy. We had a slow and relaxing morning, learning the use of a sewing machine and practicing our sewing skills on a piece of fabric. After familiarizing ourselves with the machine, we chose a coloured zipper and a variety of fabrics and cut them into similar pieces, which we would use for that day’s project. For the next 2-3 hours, we used a variety of techniques, such as the French seam, to create our very own hand bags! After our lunch break, we spent the rest of the time at the Academy drawing different textures in our journals and learning how to design our own clothing on a mannequin we traced in our books. It was an exciting day for the group and we are all excited and looking forward to what we might learn in the coming expedition days.