Expedition #4 - Service & Philanthropy Cohort

Words & Photos from Diana L.

Last week we had the chance to go to Our Place, a local shelter and resource for Victoria’s homeless population. We were able to do some volunteer work and help to support the incredible staff who work there.

We started doing a quick tour of our place and then began working. We prepared the meal for the next day, including peeling 900 cooked eggs, carrots, peppers etc. After cooking we ate the meal that the kitchen prepared for our place. People started to come to have lunch and it was our job to greet the people coming in and to take the plates when they were finished. 500 people came in an hour and most of them had second helpings, so you can imagine how many plates we did including with the help of the staff! This was a humbling and satisfying experience to see how much work goes into supporting the community that accesses the resources at the Our Place Society.

One of our initiatives in the cohort this year is to collaborate with local organizations and help support them with funding. We returned to SMUS and we chatted to whom we are going to donate $2500 to assist in their charitable work. We decided that our cohort’s goal is to help to fight homelessness. On that note, we finished the day discussing what we are going to do in our 5 day pursuit in June to work towards this goal.