Expedition #4 - Who Am I? Exploring Cultural Roots Cohort

Words & Photos: Crisha H.

This pas week we had another Expedition Day and it was amazing! The other members of the cohort and I had an exiting experience by meeting the lady who is going to guide us during the five day Pursuit Trip in June.

Part of the focus for the Pursuit trip will be building our own drum, and learning how to play it. Today was our first taste of building up the skills that we are going to use during the culminating trip of the year and our cohort was able to choose between different types of drums and sizes that we will be making during our adventure. We were also able to create some beads, a little sculptures made out of clay, we will be using them as decorations on our own drum. Many of us had never done a sculpting skill like this before, so it was very fun to go through the process of learning something new. It was also exciting to think that we would be using the decorations as moved ahead in June.

Each time we come together as a cohort we have a great time connecting, and it was so nice to meet the instructor that we will be working so closely with through the spring. We are already looking forward to our next Expedition Day after the break.