Expedition #4 - Bees & Peas Please! Cohort

Words & Photos: Nicole Y.

This is our fourth full day in our cohort, everyone is so excited because we were planning our own bee hives for the next expedition day. First of all, Ms. Marti helped us to summarize what we need for the beehive. We divided to three research groups: Bee suits, beehives tools and buying bees. We have had a group discussion for 1 hour. Each of the group made their own presentation and present it to the whole team. Teachers and students solved different issues and questions together. Finally, we made a basic plan for welcoming our bees on April. After that, we went to brown hall and planted diverse seeds for Mr. Klenz’s garden. For instance, broccoli, cascadia, snap peas and so on. We learned many farming tips from Mr. Klenz. Some people planted several vegetables in the little pots for themselves. Everyone had a great planting experiences before the lunch.

In the afternoon, we went to the farm, we saw the familiar face again- Farmer JIM!. Jim use horse manure to replace the fertilizer. We moved the natural fertilizer to muck the apple trees. It was tiring work, but we do have sense of achievement for mucking four apple trees successfully. Then, we cleaned up the weeds in two different fields. One is the strawberries field, another one is the empty field.  All the weeds that we cleaned, even can fill in more than two wheelbarrows. At last, everyone got a fantastic natural apple juice from Jim for our rewards. All the apple trees that we muck, will become the resources of our apple juice. Our hard working for the environment will make a better world for ourselves. That is the amazing cycle of our world!

We look forward to continuing our work together throughout the spring as we build toward the June Pursuit Trip.