Expedition #4- Ceramics & Glass Fusion Cohort

Words & Photos from Alicia S. & Alex C.

This week I had our fourth Expedition Day of the year, and we were very excited to connect within our cohort. The first thing we did in the morning was use the slab technique to make a small tile. Some people made patterned tiles, and some people put on shapes and designs. On our next Experiential Day, we plan to melt glass on top to make an impression. Next, we did a clay dish where we played with different textures and patterns and how it looked on the clay. Next we learned how to do a pinch pot which is like a small bowl. It was a very challenging process and it took us a few tries to get it right. We then used this technique to create a small clay animal. Some of the animals made included a clay bunny, dogs, and seals.

In the afternoon we learned the coil method to make clay pots and vessels. We rolled out long pieces of clay, then coiled them into the shape we wanted and smoothed it out. When it was finished, it looked like it was done on a pottery wheel. Finally, we made a small dish, and we will melt glass into it on our next day together as we build towards the May Expedition and June Pursuit trip.