Expedition #4- Alternative Energy & Design

Words & Photos from Adam W.

The alternative energy cohort group went on a field trip to UVIC and spent time with students at the engineering lab, learning about different types of sustainable energy systems, how efficiently it is stored and costs for producing them. We had the opportunity to connect with professors and graduate students from the UVic Institute for Integrated Energy Systems department and hear about the work they are doing at the university and applications beyond the campus. It was an incredible chance for us to see some of the things we are learning about in our cohort applied on a larger scale.

The students in our cohort were tasked with completing activities to demonstrate the reliability of different energy systems and how many factors can impact a systems ability to produce energy and to function properly. This was very hands-on and was an excellent learning experience. I valued the access we had to the UVic students to ask question and collaborate with them on this cool project.

At the end of the day, we continued to build pieces for the wind turbine we have been constructing since Term 1. We are looking forward to coming together again in the spring as we look ahead to the June Pursuit trip.