Expedition #2 - Music Writing & Production

Words & Photos by Devon M. & Rick X. - Music Writing & Production Cohort

On our second cohort of the year, the music production group went back to Mr. Farish’s house to start writing our own music and meet with a local musician and producer. Essentially we divided ourselves into two groups, one of the groups practiced to play Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift as a small band with a guitar player, a bass player, a pianist, a keyboard player and a singer. The other group was working on writing their own songs using multiple apps from their laptops and also using guitars and ukuleles.

Even if some of us didn't know how to play an instrument, we combined our talents weather it be writing lyrics or creating a melody, and by the end of the day had some solid songs in progress. We all made lunch together and discussed what our further plans would be for the day. The group who was writing songs went through the process of performing and tweaking them with the constructive criticism from others. We met with a man who helped teach us how to use a mixing board and how to create a professional sound on a easy to use computer installation.

Due to the fact that the time is quite limited, we weren’t able to completely finish the songs, however, we were able to record Safe and Sound and with a little bit more editing will sound really good. It was overall a really fun experience and we can’t wait to see what more we can achieve throughout this coming year!