Expedition #1- Student-Athlete Experience

Words and Photos from Allistair Catto- Student-Athlete Experience cohort

Last week we had our first expedition in the Student-Athlete experience cohort. We met in the library which, at first glance is an odd place to have the meeting for an athletic experience, but turned out to be the perfect space to introduce the theme of the day: mental skills for athletes, delivery from expert Zoran Stojkovic. Over the course of the day played jenga to learn about stress, discussed how the mind, body and craft are related, and decided what you can add to your routine to make yourself more healthy. We had the opportunity to put all of the theory into practice in the afternoon, taking the mental skills that we learned about and using them in some competitive situations in the gym. As well, Mr. Primrose and Mr. Edgington led us through and introduction to strength training, which will be a focus through all of the expeditions. All in all I learned a lot about how to be a better student-athlete and look forward to the next expeditions.