Expedition #3- Fashion Design

Words & Photos from Rinradee A.

On our third expedition, we started the day by finishing the cutting and pinning process which we began on our last day together in our cohort. We set up all of our sewing machines and equipment we would need in the School House, which was our home base for the entire day.

Once organized, we began sewing our pieces of fabric together using the sewing machine provided.. Some of us, who had never done sewing before, struggled to follow the pattern guide sheets we got from FabricLand, since they were quite complicated and confusing. But with our experienced cohort teachers’ help, we were able to slowly go through each step. It was very exciting to get comfortable with the machines, and see improvements in our sewing skills throughout the morning. After three hours of working on our clothes, we were off to lunch at the Sun Center for around fifty minutes.

Following we came back and continued sewing for the rest of the afternoon. Sewing might not seem hard and time-consuming, however, only two of us actually managed to get their clothes perfectly done by the end of the day! Based on the results of the time together, we planned to have a sewing session for the first half of the next expedition day, and for the second half, we’re going to design our final outfit that we will make during the Fashion Design pursuit trip in June. Overall, it was really nice to have a chance to practice and improve our sewing skills and reconnect with our cohort and teachers! All of us are vert excited to continue working out our projects.