Expedition #3- Service & Philanthropy: Time, Talent & Money Cohort

Words & Photos from Lucas S.

We started off today’s expedition by meeting with Pacifica Housing, a non-profit organization that provides affordable homes to those who need it the most. We learned about their Streets to Homes program, which not only provides housing to the homeless population but also gives them access to support services. These support services help them to stay off the streets and gives them another chance to get back into the world. This program has been doing wonderful things, 82% of current clients have been housed for longer than a year and 46% of people in the program have moved on to financial independence.

After our meeting, we walked from Pacifica Housing down to the Mustard Seed. They showed us a sort of market system where local grocery stores and establishments donate food items that otherwise wouldn’t sell. These items are given a second life of sorts and given to people can put it to good use. We spent the day packaging items that were in bags too large for just one person to use. We split a variety of items into ziploc bags to be added to the market. These items included; brown sugar, cat food, diapers etc. Two of our members spent their afternoons feeding the homeless and generally helping out with the lunch that the Mustard Seed provides. This day was a wonderful way to get to know the community and the sort of service projects happening in this beautiful city. Overall, it was a fantastic day filled with laughs and even better service!