Expedition #3- Music Writing & Production

Words & Photos from Marcus S.

After spending the first Expeditions exploring skills related to music writing, performance and production our cohort was ready and excited to spend the day at a local recording studio. The first half of our day was spent brainstorming and songwriting at SMUS, coming up with melodies and pulling bands together. Each student in the cohort has a unique musical skill set, and we are working to find how best these can be expressed in a group performance.

Once we were organized and had a plan for our time in the studio, we traveled to Electric City Sound, a professional recording studio, where we would build up our music. This studio has produced music for local and international musical talent, so it was very exciting to have the opportunity to work in the same space they did. Rick Xie kicked things off by playing a verse on his guitar, which allowed everyone to come together and started adding more and wound up with vocal, drums, and even spoken work tracks! A t Mr. Farish's house we had set up a small recording studio for the last 2 expedition days, however, we had spent most of our time troubleshooting- on this Expedition we were lucky enought to have a professional sound engineer at the recording studio. Since we didn’t know much about how things work in the studio, we spent a lot of time learning, but for our next expedition, we would like to finish our song and possibly upload it to YouTube or Spotify.