Expedition #3- Student-Athlete Experience

Words & Photos from Tadeo Allerding

This week our cohort went to PISE to do some fitness testing, learn about some basic strength resistance training movements and nutrition. As we arrived at PISE, we met our trainers for the day Will and Elysia. We started off by doing a mobility warm up. This included the whole body and we were ready to start our fitness testing. The testing was divided into different stations. The first one Height, Grip Strength and  Sit and Reach. The second station consisted of a Vertical Jump test, where we had to jump on a mat, which then recorded our time in the air and then calculated how high our vertical jump was. The next few station were strength based and included a max. Push up test and a max. Plank hold test. The last test was a broad jump, which was taken really competitively.

We then went to a workout area in the complex and our trainers showed us some basic weight resistance movements. We started off with our lower body, for example squads and made our way up to a standing shoulder presses. We were all really amazed by the fact that there were so many things to consider while working out so that you don’t injure yourself.

After our hard workout was done we had lunch at the cafeteria at PISE. We were able to get some healthy sandwiches and some protein bars to refuel for the second part of the day.

The second part consisted of a long stretching part which really helped to get loose again and discuss the importance of mobility in sport performance and injury prevention. We did some foam rolling from head to toe. All of us had to realize that we had a lot of room to improve in that part of fitness.

The last activity we had was a lecture about nutrition. Because of the last expedition we already had some good background knowledge about nutrition, but this time we were able ask a lot more specific questions to our trainers, we now know a lot more about what to eat before and after games or practices. I look forward to continued work in this area on the next expeditions.