Singers, Songwriters & Bands: Creative Music Production

Music Writing and Production is an experiential option tailored to students who want to create music.

For starters, the essential question is Who am I as a musical artist and producer? And how will I craft recordings that people will enjoy and want to listen to? Creative producers are musical artists with vision and an open mind. No two are alike. Singers want to sing. Musicians want to play. This cohort will take music performers to the next level, diving in to the creative side.

If you love the idea of exploring and expanding your music skills, considering the craft, the business and the technology behind the art -- this is a cohort for you.

Your Pursuit week will be a culmination of skills and knowledge, set against a backdrop of the bustling lively music scene: visit concert halls, work with local producers and artists, and so much more!

Hard Skills: Music Writing, Performing, Producing



The expedition days will be spent in the local community, building up skills that will be used to record music, including time in the studio. They will connect with local musicians and, through their work with Mr. Farish deepen their connection to the SMUS music program including working with SMUS Alumnus, Emily Reid, who is now a recording artist located out of Nashville.

Rick and Brian Oct 16 Music Production.jpg


Students in this cohort will be building up to a pursuit experience where they will spend a week in an immersive music experience including recording music in a studio, attending live performances, exploring the history of music and more!



This cohort is led by Senior School music teacher Mr. Ian Farish. He loves music. He plays it, teaches it, writes about it and does his best to communicate that passion to his students. Not only that, but he likes to learn alongside the kids. With a nice balance of post-secondary education, and plenty of time playing live shows and touring, Ian brings diverse, real-world experience to the SMUS music program.

Emily Reid working with the Cohort on Expedition day #4.


Raised in Victoria, BC, Emily Reid is a SMUS Alum that flew in from Nashville to work with the Music Writing Cohort on Expedition day #4 and the group will work with her and music producer, Kyle Shearer, on their pursuit trip to Nashville in June.

PURCHASE THE ALBUM HERE : The Offical Music Video for REID's first single "The River"! Enjoy! And Thank you SO much for watching! Big thanks to Matt Shaw and Kirk Slawek, from Gear 7 Creative!

An important element of the Experiential program is building strong relationships with local community members and businesses. See links to those resources, businesses and community members here.


During the ‘18/19 Pursuit Week,
two nights were
in intensive
recording at the
LaPointe Studio in beautiful, beach side Parksville, BC