Ridgeline to Coastline:


In this cohort you will focus on developing skills related to moving through the beautiful local coastal and mountain environments on foot. Expeditions will expose you to a range of landscapes where you will be introduced to a naturalist history of Vancouver Island and develop confidence navigating along local trails.

For the culminating pursuit trip, take a float plane to arrive on the stunning west coast of Vancouver islands King George Sound.
You will camp alongside rugged coastlines facing the swells of the Pacific Ocean and complete a multi-day hike along the Nootka Island Trail. At the end of the hike, you will have the opportunity to visit Friendly Cove and meet the local First Nations community. Throughout the cohort experience, themes of history and geography will be naturally woven in.

Hard Skills: Environment Stewardship, Navigation, Hiking, Outdoor Survival

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These days will be spent exploring and building skills needed to support safe outdoor adventures. From days hiking local trails to participating in a Survival Skills workshop at Goldstream Provincial Campground; the cohort will build a wide variety of outdoor skills leading up to their pursuit trip in June.



The cohort will culminate the year with a week long trip to Nootka Island, where they will explore the coastline and local First Nations history.



Jake McCloskey is not only a teacher but an important member of the Outdoor Education team. He holds his Wilderness First Aid certification and has guided numerous “outtrips” and activities in the wild! Fun fact: he has hiked the Juan de Fuca trail 14 times!


An important element of the Experiential program is building strong relationships with local community members and businesses.
See links to those resources, businesses and community members below.


Ridge-line to Coastline cohorts spend a significant amount of time learning in Nature and exploring all that BC Provincial parks have to offer. From Expedition day #1: a hike at East Sooke Park, the survival training day Goldstream Park all the way through to the multi-day trek along Nootka Trail during the pursuit week, this cohort truly witnesses the beauty of British Columbia.

Click here to out the BC Parks website to book a stay or hike a trail!