NEW - Photojournalism

This exploration of photojournalism will begin by learning intermediate camera skills then progress into a deeper understanding of photographic genres such as nature and wildlife, city and landscape, portrait, food, sport and social media. As the cohort develops skills you will begin to understand how to design and enhance your digital stories, including editing skills, using platforms to exhibit photographs and basic writing skills to help frame experiences.

During the pursuit week, you will get to dive deeper into a digital storytelling opportunity of your choice, focusing your story on an
area of passion. Other possible opportunities include meeting with local photographers and visiting local photo exhibits.
This cohort is open to all skill levels, and while it is helpful to have a DSLR camera, it is not necessary.

Hard Skills: Camera, Digital Storytelling, Writing for Journalism, Design Thinking, Photography Composition

Expedition Days

Each expedition day build on the skills associated with Digital Storytelling. Explore different genres of photography and discuss the significance of image in towards world of communication.


The Pursuit week will be spent exploring an area of inspiration, capturing a story line in order to effectively communicate to an audience. This will likely include meeting with local photographers and attending exhibits as well as presenting your own digit story.

Faculty Leaders

Alongside a number of local professional communicators, faculty Photography enthusiasts, Mr. Richard Primrose and Mr. Colin Groves, will be your leaders through your Photojournalism cohort.


An important element of the Experiential program is building strong relationships with local community members and businesses.
See links to those resources, businesses and community members below.