Alternative Energy & Design

Big Wheels Keep On Turning: harness energy, convert energy and store it & use energy for extreme fun!

The premise of this cohort is to harness energy through an alternative energy source such as Solar or Wind power (or both). Store the energy in a usable form.

Design and build a ripping personal transportation device such as an electric skateboard, mountain board, or electric scooter to run off the power.

Students will hand-build a device for harnessing energy. The alternative-energy producing platform they create will run for the duration of the year-- storing and accumulating power that will be used at the year end expedition:Personal Transportation Device Build. Each student will design and construct their own electric powered transportation device such as an electric skateboard, mountain board, or electric scooter.



The cohort has been building up their design and engineering skills to prepare for the pursuit where they will tackle their own transportation device project.



Students in this cohort will be designing and engineering their own personal transportation device, and harnessing energy to make it work- then use it for extreme fun!



Visual arts instructor and artist, Brad Ingimundson, joins science master mind, Eric Donatelli, and maker extraordinaire, Todd England, are the passionate leads to this design oriented cohort.


An important element of the Experiential program is building strong relationships with local community members and businesses.
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